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Morgan Bangkok Ready Boxing & Muay Thai Gloves

Category: Gloves

Whether its Muay Thai or simply punching a bag to work out those muscles, you want to make sure you are using a good and safe boxing gloves. Introducing our latest addition to the Morgan range of high-quality Muay Thai equipment – the Morgan BKK Ready Boxing and Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. The extremely durable and long-lasting ATF grade rexene coats the exterior of this finely handcrafted pair of gloves. Exclusive signature 3 layer foam system distributes shock-impact equally throughout the design and is sandwiched by highly compressed dual-core foam and an equilibrium sheet that does away with violent impacts without any negative consequence to your hand’s health. The palm side has Cool-Tec mesh to ventilate moisture while the new, dual nylon hook & loop closure ensures wrist-support and easy on/off application.

  • Dual-Core compact mould effectively distributes shock-impact equally throughout the glove
  • Highly Compressed Foam padding absorbs shock-impact efficiently over knuckles and base of the hand
  • Equilibrium sheets pressed against the exclusive mould provides the utmost shock-absorption against heavy impacts
  • Cool-Tec ventilation mesh expels moisture build-up
  • Dual Nylon hook & loop closure with extra-long strap provides added wrist support and comfort adjustability

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