Weight Loss

Our mission is to provide weight loss solutions to the World

Enjoy the benefits of Weight Loss Coaching in an intimate 1 on 1 environment, small group clinic or online coaching. Our coaches will look over you every step of the way and will give you all the support, guidance and motivation you need through daily messaging to reach your goal. Weekly weigh in’s ensure you keep on track and hold you accountable every step of the way. Our weight loss coaches not only ensure you reach your weight loss goal but will equip you with the skills needed to be LEAN for LIFE…..follow our system and if you are not totally blown away by the results we offer all clients a no questions asked complete 100% money back guarantee!
Weight Loss Coaching

Our team draws on over 40 years of scientific research and has helped thousands of people to achieve and maintain their individual weight loss goals all around the world.

Our promise to you is that WEIGHT LOSS COACHING WORKS!!

We provide this coaching service through a program called Healthpointe 2.0. This program has come from an Obesity Clinic in America where it was trialled and tested by Doctors and medically backed. We have exclusive rights to this program as it isn’t available anywhere else on the market. The program is backed by a scientific study of over 6500 weight loss patients. The average weight loss was 11.5kgs and the average weight gain was 400 grams over 12 months after the program. The overall success rate of the study was 96% after 12 months.

What is Healthpointe 2.0?

The numbers say it all… 60% of the population are overweight

Approximately 90% of all dieters regain any weight loss within a year. Recent studies in the British Journal of Public Health (June 2001) found that obesity is associated with higher rates of chronic medical conditions that are lifetime smoking and alcohol abuse. The HealthPointe 2.0 program will teach you in clear, easy-to-live-with terms, the how’s and whys of effective health and weight

Learn what the experts already know about weight loss and why most other diets don’t work.

HealthPointe 2.0 will help you lose and maintain weight, and increase your overall wellness in an easy to follow, inexpensive, and non-invasive program that provides the following benefits:

  • Real food in real portions;
  • Between meal protein snacks;
  • No hunger pangs or cravings;
  • No strenuous exercise;
  • No drugs or gimmicks.

With HealthPointe 2.0 you can actually eat more, lose more, and feel better through a balanced combination of meals, snacks, moderate exercise and nutritional supplements.

Take the first step towards protecting your most important asset… your health

The HealthPointe 2.0 program can help you lose weight and keep it off. When it comes right down to it, making a commitment to wellness is not that difficult, and with the HealthPointe 2.0 program, it’s never been easier. With this program you will enjoy:

  • Safe, consistent and long-term results The HealthPointe 2.0 program is designed to provide safe, consistent and long-term weight control.
  • More than a Diet – A complete program During the program you’ll enjoy a satisfying, nutritious meal plan consisting of real – not repackaged – food, including delicious entrees, fruits and vegetables. You’ll discover how your body uses food and burns fat. You’ll learn how to effectively manage stress, curb your appetite, control cravings and develop new habits to make lasting lifestyle changes.

If you are ready to begin an exciting journey towards a lifetime of optimal health and longevity or have additional questions about the program, please contact us by reply or click here now so that one of our staff can give you a call to discuss your goals further.

Come in for your FREE Initial Health and Lifestyles Assessment (1 hr. Value $100). In this consultation, we will get you to fill out some questionnaires, take a reading on our scanner which establishes your body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age, as well as talk to you about your lifestyle and what solutions will fit your needs. Click here for your FREE Consultation

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